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Large cellar


Wine was produced in the historic, widely ramified wine cellars of Palais Kesselstatt until around 1980. Built in the 17th century on the parts of a Roman glass-blowing factory, the cellars extend from the Domfreihof to the former St. Afra monastery. The cellars provided ample space for 400 wooden barrels, each with a capacity of 1,000 litres, on an area of about 4,000 square metres.



The Trier Underworlds - so multi-layered, exciting and spread throughout the city centre are cellars and catacombs, tunnels and basements, excavations, garages and crypts that one world would not be enough. In them, exhibitions and theatre, music and culinary delights, guided tours and lectures are waiting to thrill the astonished newcomer.



Underground Trier - Group tour of the Trier Cellar Worlds


On this guided tour you will experience what is hidden beneath the surface of Trier. Times have left their mark here and the stones know a lot to tell.


Trier has many faces - no wonder in a city with over 2000 years of history. This also applies to discoveries beneath the city, which start with a visit to the amphitheatre and the Imperial Baths. A pleasurable highlight of your programme is a tasting with sparkling wine/wine in one of the extensive barrel vaulted cellars!


The "Trierer Unterwelten" (Trier Underworlds) have been taking you into subterranean Trier since 2021: from historic wine cellars to an underground stream.


A look beneath the surface


However, the fact that a small world of its own extends beneath the surface remains hidden from many. The same is true of some places in the city, for beneath the surface there are often exciting and historically significant places to be found. As part of the Trier Underground guided tours, the doors to these places are now being opened to visitors.


Finally, the tour descends deep into the venerable vaults of the historic wine cellar of Palais Kesselstatt. The long, dark corridors and massive old barrels are impressive. Of course, you have to taste what is being talked about in this historic place, so you get a glass of wine to go with it. This way, exciting underground worlds are revealed during the tour and the guests also experience one or two surprises.