Trier Underworlds

Your highlight in the heart of Triers city center !


Deep down the ground we go into the mystical vaults of the extensive cellar corridors under the baroque palace Kesselstatt .

A special world full of smells , aroma and history are waiting for you . Are you ready for an adventure ?

Together we will experience what´s really hidden under the most ancient city of Trier .

Our wine tastings , cellar tours and walking acts are fascinating and thrilling all at once .

You will have the special chance to experience your own wine tasting .

2000 years of history combined with house made wines from our own vineyards will

bring you cultural identity and let you experience a new love for wine .

With your visit you will help to sustain our century-old city.

Here at the Kesselstatt palace the old myths take shape and will live on forever in your memories !



Insider tips for your wine trip :


Wine in the city

Old town festival

Cultural summer event


Trier Underworlds Festival

Christmas market


Porta LOCALS Foodfestival